How do I access webmail?

You can access your Email Account on your mail server directly by using the Webmail Login provided on the left hand side of our website

Password: your password

The purpose of Webmail is to allow user’s remote access to the email account so they can check their Email where ever they are in the world.

Does Webmail leave a copy of my mail on the server so I can download it to my home PC at a later time?

Yes. If you do not delete the message via Webmail, all messages will be delivered to your mail program when you next log in. You simply access your mail as you would normally.

Can I have folders under my Inbox?

Yes. When inside webmail click on the Folders button, you will then be able to create new folders for use in Webmail.

Can I see my sent mail?

Yes, Webmail saves a copy of outgoing messages to the sent folder. You may disable this feature in “Preferences”

Could viruses sent to me in an email attachment be opened and effect or damage the PC I am using?

Since Webmail does not display email attachments by default, viruses attached to an email are not opened and therefore will not affect the machine you are using. You are advised to delete all suspicious looking mail received from an unknown source. Should you wish to open an email attachment you simply need to download the message using your usual email program, or click on the attachment and then select “download”.

Reading Mail

The Folders frame are displayed immediately upon logging in. Click on “Inbox” to view new messages.

The Message Listing shows the contents of each message’s header (subject, sender, date sent, size and message status). Each column has a heading. Clicking on the heading will cause the listing to be sorted by that column.

To view the contents of a message, click on the message’s subject.

The subject line of a message that has not been opened will appear to be in a bold font. After a message has been read, the subject line changes to a normal font.

The row above the Message Headers allows you to reply to a message, delete a message or forward a message to another recipient.

The row below the message allows you to manage the email attachments.

Sending Mail

You can send mail in a variety of ways. You might choose to compose a new message, reply to an existing message or perhaps forward an existing message to someone else. Click on the “create message” link in “Folder” view, or reply or forward a message from the inbox view.

The message box allows you to set the To address (who you’re sending mail to), the message Subject, a CC address (who you’re sending a copy of the message to) and the Message contents.

Simply fill out the appropriate fields (only the To: and Subject: fields are required, CC: is an optional field) and type your message in the large lower field. Once you’ve completed entering your message, click the ‘Send’ button to send the message to the recipient/s.

To send mail to more than one recipient, separate the email addresses by a comma eg.,

Printing a Message

Webmail uses a framed format (displaying several pages in one window) which may change the way you would normally print information from your browser.

To print a message you must first open it and then click on the “View Printable Version”. This will open a popup with the email message in a printer friendly display, you can then click on the Print button up the top of the page to print the message.