Can I have more than one Email address?

Yes you can have up to 5 email accounts please contact us and we will be able to set them up for you.

How do I know if my message was received?

The only sure way to determine whether your email was successfully received is to call the recipient on the telephone and ask! Some email software allows you to include an option which prompts the recipient when they open your message. The onus is then on the recipient to let you know whether they have received your email message.

In most cases if your email message is unable to be delivered (if, for example you specified an invalid email address), your message should be returned to you along with an error message to the effect that it could not be delivered.

Why can’t I send e-mail to a friend?

The most likely causes of problems when sending email are:

Typographical error in the email address If you make an error when typing your friend’s email address, your message won’t be delivered – in which case it will be returned to you or worse, it may be delivered to the wrong person.

Closed account Email addresses can be quite transient. People change Internet Service Providers, move jobs or just move. As such, the address that worked last week might not work this week.

Temporary Mail Server problems On rare occasions you may encounter problems with a Mail Server that is unable to deliver an email message correctly addressed to a valid email address. Such problems are generally very temporary (lasting only minutes or hours). You will generally be sent a message containing a warning that your message could not be delivered, but that further attempts will be made to deliver the message. You DO NOT have to resend the message.

The recipient’s mailbox is full – Some Internet Service Providers place strict limits on the number of messages that a user may have in his or her mailbox at any one time. If they exceed this limit, their Mail Server will reject new messages, until the user takes steps to reduce the number of messages stored in his/her mailbox. In this case you will receive an error message to the effect that your message could not be delivered because the user’s mailbox was full.

Why is email so slow?

There are a couple of reasons why your email might be taking longer to download than normal:

Large attachments If someone has sent you a large attachment, it may take some while to download. The larger the size of the file sent to you as an attachment, the longer it will take to download.

Connection speed There might be some problem with your modem. If your modem connects at a lower than usual speed, this will reduce the speed at which email is downloaded. Please refer to the Support Section of our website for troubleshooting speed issues for your type of service.

For ADSL and ADSL2 customer it may be possible that your connection is currently shaped you can check your current Data Usage online in your Member’s Area