Before contacting AuNix support  РPlease read through the guides below on things you can do to diagnose a connection issue. Completing these steps will help us sort out the issue with you more efficiently.

ADSL/ADSL2 Synchronisation

Most modems should have an ADSL/ADSL2 sync light on the front panel – the purpose of this light is to show that the modem is picking up the ADSL/ADSL2 signal on your phone line.

If your modem’s ADSL/ADSL2 sync light is not on or is unstable (the interpretation of the light is different for different modems) we must go through the process of elimination to find what is causing the modem not to detect the ADSL/ADSL2 line:

The steps below will help determine where the problem is coming from.

Tests that need to be completed before faults are lodged

With ADSL/ADSL2 faults if a technician goes out to your premises and is unable to find a fault with the ADSL line up to your boundary there is an incorrect call out fee charge. For example if the fault is found to be with your modem or equipment

ADSL Incorrect Call Out Fee: $155
ADSL2 Incorrect Call Out Fee: $250

In order to minimise this possibility there are you few things that need to be tested before we can lodge a fault.

Modem Configuration

The first thing you should do is to check the modem configuration settings of your modem.

An incorrectly configured device will not function properly. Click here to view the general configuration options used for our ADSL/ADSL2 service.

If you do not have a copy of your settings sheet that would have been sent out to you; you can view your settings online in the Member’s Area you will need your account number and password to access it.

Contact us is you have lost or forgotten your member’s area details.

Power Cycle:

  1. Disconnect the power and phone cables from the back of your ADSL/ADSL2 modem
  2. Leave the cables disconnected for 20 minutes.
  3. Reconnect the cables and wait a few minutes for your modem to start back up.

A power cycle forces the exchange to do a software reset and can generally fix most connection or time out issues.

Isolation Test

  1. Disconnect ALL devices (including filters and or splitters) that plug into a phone socket in your home
  2. Plug back in ONLY your modem
  3. Observe whether your modem is able to obtain sync or maintain a stable connection

An isolation test will help eliminate if other devices on your line (besides your modem) are interfering with your connection; causing drop outs or preventing the ADSL/ADSL2 line being detected.

Some types of wireless walk around phone handsets and bases can interfere with ADSL/ADSL2 line sync.

Test with a Second Modem

If the first few test don’t come up with any results the next best step is to try either:

  • Testing your modem at a friend or family member’s place who has ADSL/ADSL2 to see if the modem works there
  • Testing another modem from a friend or family member at your place with your AuNix settings.

This last test is to ensure that your modem is operating correctly, when speaking with our support staff place include the brand and modem numbers of each of the modem devices you have tested.