AuNix Naked ADSL2 services are Unconditioned Local Loop (ULL) and currently available through 300 enabled Optus Exchanges.

AuNix ADSL Plan Features

  • No traffic or ports are prioritised or shaped.
  • Free 50 Mb Homepage.
  • Up to 5 FREE Email Addresses.
  • No Bundling required.
  • Friendly and Personal Service.

AuNix Naked ADSL2 Plans

Plan NamePriceData Allowance
Velocity N210$59.95210GB
Velocity N510$64.95510GB
Velocity N Unlimited$69.95Unlimited

Things you should know

  • Speed is reduced to 256 kbps in both directions (shaped) once the data allowance is reached.
  • Speed is the theoretical network maximum speed. Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including network configuration, line quality & length, exchange type, customer premises interference, traffic and equipment.
  • Both uploads and downloads are counted on the Naked ADSL2 service.
  • Naked ADSL2 is only provided to customers who currently have an active copper line ( must be able to both make and receive calls )
  • The Naked ADSL2 plan is provided as an Unbundled Local Loop (ULL) only.
  • After the ULL Naked ADSL2 is installed on the nominated service number, the phone will be disconnected. The end user will not be able to use any services that require a dial tone to operate. This includes fax, back to base alarm, PABX. The service number will be quarantined and will not be re-activated.
  • Naked ADSL2 is only available in the geographical areas which are covered by the Optus ADSL2 Network.
  • Provision of Naked ADSL2 is subject to a Service Qualification check. Naked ADSL2 application takes approximately 10 to 20 working days for the connection to occur, depending on customer location.
  • Churn and transfer requests are only available from Optus network customers.
  • There is no automatic relocation process of the Naked ADSL2 service. If a customer is wishing to move their Naked ADSL2 service to a new address, a termination of the old service will be required, and a new order lodged at the new address. Standard cancellation fees will apply.
    Fees and Charges
    $50 Security DepositRequired on all accounts (fully refundable)
    $0 ActivationFor a new DSL installation on a 24month contract
    $10x remaining months DisconnectionIf DSL service is removed within the 24 month contract period
    $50 ActivationFor a new DSL installation on a 12month contract
    $120 DisconnectionIf DSL service is removed within the 12 month contract period
    $170 ActivationFor a new DSL installation Without contract
    $250 Incorrect Callout Feewhere technician finds fault is out of the Optus network area of responsibility
    $125 Appointment FeeMissed Appointment for Activation or Support