on-site security assessment

An  Aunix On-site small business computer network security assessment are an excellent way to evaluate your business computer network security and the first step in making any security improvements.


During an Aunix Security Assessment, all aspects of your computer network are examined, any weaknesses are identified, and suggestions for security improvements are made. We will also tell you where costs can be reduced or where security operations can be made more efficient.  Your Aunix consultant will undertake the assessment, keeping you informed every step of the way, making sure that important elements are examined.Aunix On-site small business computer network security assessment

The Security Assessment typically includes the following tasks:

  • Computer Network Risk identification and analysis
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Review of the Computer Network security
  • Review of Computer Network operating procedures
  • Study of Computer Network security
  • Analysis of security policies and procedures
  • Review of security management
  • Evaluation of present security program and identification of any weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Development of recommendations for security improvements
  • Identification of short-term and long-term cost improvement
  • Optional written Security Assessment Report

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